Our Projects

From the complete creation of video games, to the management of Internet Radio, through the maintenance of game servers, MadonneStudio has everything in many different areas. This is why we will be able to find all our different projects on this same and unique page.

MadonneStudio is still very recent, so you won’t find a lot of projects on this page at the moment. This page will of course be embellished with the various new features that we will announce in the future.



The first opus of Living War (Alésia), takes place during antiquity, right in the middle of the famous Roman conquests during the 1st century BC. During this adventure, you will put yourself in the shoes of a young inhabitant of Rome, joining the Roman legion. as the battles progressed, the latter was promoted to general, to finally be given command of the famous siege of Alesia against Vercingetorix, the Gallic leader, by Julius Caesar himself.

Planned release : N/A



Step into the shoes of an American police officer and fight crime with your friends in the streets of Los Santos, a fictional representation of Los Angeles in the game Grand Theft Auto V. From a simple neighborhood argument to a terrorist attack, at the wheel of your police vehicle, fight the crimes and offenses that will be committed in the city and its surroundings.


You may have visited one of our servers one day. If so, then you must have noticed the amount of exclusive scripts that are specific to our server. In order to share our work and allow you to create your server with quality ressources, we have decided to make part of our work available to you.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the resources we offer.

  • Wearable Weapon : 5€



Available only in French, relive all the snacks from the different periods of your life by listening to the hits broadcast on MadonneFM. Whether it’s behind the wheel of our car, in the middle of a sport session or when you are playing on our various game servers, do not hesitate to surrond yourself with the sound of MadonneFM !

The music is timeless on MadonneFM !