Living War

Experience the greatest battles in History in the most immersive way !

In each of its Living War license video games, MadonneStudio offers you the possibility of retracing all the greatest battles in European history. Immerse yourself in past centuries and discover the lifestyles of the time during immersive and interactive stories. From the birth of your character to the battlefield, your choices will impact the duration of each Living War game.


The first opus of Living War (Alésia), takes place during antiquity, right in the middle of the famous Roman conquests during the 1st century BC. During this adventure, you will put yourself in the shoes of a young inhabitant of Rome, joining the Roman legion. as the battles progressed, the latter was promoted to general, to finally be given command of the famous siege of Alesia against Vercingetorix, the Gallic leader, by Julius Caesar himself.

Scheduled release date : N/C

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