MadonneStudio Application 1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of the MadonneStudio application. This new version offers a better user experience and even more useful features for our users.

One of the main improvements in version 1.1 is the enhanced tracking of the status of MadonneStudio services. Users can now easily access information about active, inactive, or under maintenance services. This will help users better understand the application’s functioning and know when services are available for use.

In addition, version 1.1 also includes portability of the application for Android Auto and Android TV, offering even greater accessibility to users on different devices. Users can now access the application from their car or TV and enjoy its content in an even more convenient way.

We hope these improvements will allow our users to fully enjoy the MadonneStudio application and stay informed about the latest news from MadonneStudio, listen to MadonneFM and more. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this new version and making even more improvements in the future.

Thank you for using MadonneStudio!

Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio