Development Notes #12 – December 2022


The month of December on the FivePD server was especially marked by many technical problems, requiring large investments on our side. Despite this, the record for the number of players connected simultaneously was still beaten to reach 145 players.

Apart from that, we can still note several important new features, such as the addition of many building interiors in order to diversify the roleplay, the addition of many callouts, or even new possibilities for the moderation team.

Photo taken by MissRageuse#6324

In January 2023, we will finish adding callouts for SASPRs in order to definitively complete the redesign of this service while continuing to improve the performance of the server and the various scripts that compose it. Many minor features will also be added in the coming weeks but you will be kept informed of all this in due time.


Small statistical point on MadonneFM :

Number of musics : 580

Hours of music : 32 hours and 37 minutes

Number of plays : 46 106

Number of listeners : 3 699

Listening hours : 1 902


No script was released during the month of December following a slight delay on our part. In a few days, you will be able to find a sublime pack of vehicle skins for the Park Rangers.

Best Regards,

Happy New Year,

MadonneStudio Team

Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio