Development Notes #11 – November 2022


The development continued in the creation of the various menus of the game. The first images should arrive gradually…


The month of November mainly marked the FivePD server with the arrival of firefighters. Indeed, it is now possible to move, as firefighters, with your pretty fire trucks, on the different fires that are triggered on the server.

A lot of optimizations have also been done to further improve your gaming experience.
Meanwhile, the rollout of our upcoming big features continued on its merry way.


Small statistical point on MadonneFM :

Number of musics : 575

Hours of music : 32 hours and 22 minutes

Number of plays : 37 820

Listening hours : 1527 hours


A new script has appeared on our script store. MadonneSeatbelt will allow you, among other things, to make your accidents more realistic, in the event that the seat belt is not fastened on board the vehicle.

Do not wait to try it, it’s free!

In order to expand this store more and more, we will make sure to release at least one new resource per month on this resource store. Do not hesitate to visit it regularly!

Best Regards

MadonneStudio Team

Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio