Development Note #8 – August 2022

Few new developments in recent months, particularly due to the summer holidays in our team. However, we will still have some information for you.


What ? A new category “Video Games” ? The return of Police Revenge ?

Not exactly… We’ll talk to you about it very soon ! 🙂


The development of the server continues to progress quietly.

Many features have been added, such as 3D voice chat, building and landscape improvements, etc…

In addition, this summer we exceeded the bar of 1000 members on the Discord, as well as the bar of 100 players connected simultaneously and we can only thank you for bringing the project to life.


Small statistical point about MadonneFM :

Number of music : 340
Hours of music : 18 hours and 37 minutes
Number of listens : 44 507
Listening hours : 1695 hours

We also announce from today the arrival of Game Network, a program during which we talk about news in the world of video games (new releases, development notes, exclusive informations …). This programm will be broadcast every Saturday, from 3pm to 6pm, by Noah.

We will keep you informed of the progress of these different projects.

Best Regards,


Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio