Development Note #6 – April 2022

Video Games

Still bad news, in connection with what we announced to you last month, about Police Revenge.

Unfortunately, still due to the loss of data that we have had in recent months, the workload that we have carried out since the beginning on this video game is already enormous. As a result, we did not wish to continue working on the project. Sorry for the people who are disappointed.

But don’t worry, we’ll be back soon with something new in terms of video games !

Game Servers

Well… we had announced an opening in April. Unfortunately, we are a bit late. Don’t worry, the FivePD server is coming very soon !

We tried to work on a multitude of features that you may have requested on the first version of the server : shields, telescopic batons, … We managed to put in a lot of new features that will allow you, I hope, to carry out your roleplay actions on the server when all this is available.

Among the other features that have been added, we can mention in particular : the system of experience and automatic rise in rank, system of coma and resuscitation, the addition of stretchers, a more substantial scoreboard, …

Of course, to that, we can add new vehicles with new skins, various resource optimizations, but above all callouts, …

We are not going to go into more detail, if you want to read more, feel free to browse the different changelogs presenting all this.

In any case, we do not intend to open the server after May 15th. You only have a maximum two weeks left to wait !

New police stations

New vehicles and skins

Police Shields


Finally a project to come to life !

Since April 2nd, MadonneFM has hosted your days, with the same identity as before.

For the moment, we still don’t have any advertising, but in order to finance our various projects, it shouldn’t be long …


  • Number of music : 173
  • Hours of music : 9 hours and 34 minutes
  • Number of listens : 1081
  • Listening hours : 841 hours

Enjoy the sun in this month of May and we will meet very soon for good news !

Best Regards,

MadonneStudio’s Team

Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio