Development Note #5 – Mars 2022

Police Revenge

Bad news this month. We’ve had a lot of computer issues over the past few weeks, so we’ve lost almost all of the work done on Police Revenge.

For the moment, therefore, assume that his project is on hold…

We will come back to you quickly, as soon as we have more information to communicate to you.

Game servers

In line with what was said above, we also feel behind on the FivePD but hardly any data was lost. As a result, we think we can open the server to you this April. We tell you more quickly !

In the meantime, we still worked on the FivePD server, of course. Here are some screenshots to illustrate the latest news.

The pace of developement is slowing down a bit, however, as we are currently creating large scripts from A to Z (like an access to the automatic PVP quiz or an experience system for callouts).

New moderation vehicles

Fully implemented Wearable Weapon

FivePD Game Mode is finally installed !

If you want to read more, the changelogs are available on the site !


We started working on MadonneFM, MadonneStudio’s web radio. For the moment, only about twenty musics are incorporated. We’ll tell you more about it in the coming weeks, when you can listen to it.

Always accompanied by Killian Rousseau for the jingles, the old identity of MadonneFM will be preserved. Always a morning during the week, from 7 a.m. to 10.a.m. (GMT + 2).

Note that, to be able to finance all this, we will have to set up an advertising agency. So you don’t currently have any ads, but that should change soon.

That’s all for this month of March. We wish you an excellent spring, and see you very soon on our game servers !

Best regards,

MadonneStudio’s Team

Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio