FivePD Update – v 0.1 – 03.25.2022



  • A lot of emotes are now available for all players
  • Binoculars are now available for players who want them
  • Development of an animation allowing crouching
  • It is now possible to vape using an electronic cigarette
  • Memo cards on the different keys of the game as well as the rights of Miranda are available
  • Wheelchairs can now be used both by sitting on them and by pushing them
  • When a handgun is selected, the character now puts their hand on their holster to retrieve it. The weapon of the latter then withdraws, to leave an empty holster as long as the weapon is out


  • The proposed callouts will be accompanied by an audio recording simulating th ecall from the police headquarters.


  • Added multiple commands for various purposes, roleplay or not
  • Addition of a command to set a GPS point on the postal code of your choice
  • Creation of two commands allowing to delete his vehicle and commit suicide


  • A 911 call in the chat now displays a point on the map, allowing you to locate it for three minutes
  • Added modeled and custom interiors for the following buildings: Vespucci Police Station, Los Santos City Hall, Sandy Shores Town Hall, Park Ranger Police Station, Paleto Bay Clinic, El Mesa Fire Station, Groove Street Houses , houses in Mirror Park, former Mission Row police station
  • Added postal codes on the map
  • Addition of points on the map locating the various police stations, fire stations and hospitals
  • It is now possible to go to Cayo Perico, by plane or by boat
  • Loading of many interiors of buildings interiors present in the map : FIB, Morgue, …


  • Implementation of a blacklist to limit the spawn of vehicles


  • Ability to carry other players on your shoulder
  • Basic management of PVP between players (temporary implementation, waiting for a more automated system)
  • Close combat, when pressing the key to reload has been disabled to prevent accidents
  • It is now possible to take another player hostage, by putting a weapon on his stamp
  • Other players and NPCs can be tackled by jumping on them
  • Players can now raise their hands, or even handcuff or grab other players
  • Players will now be able to use dogs, controlled by AI to carry out K9 patrols


  • Implemented four automatic server restarts, every six hours
  • Improved graphical effects on flashing lights
  • Players absent for more than 15 minutes will now be kicked from the server to free up space for active players


  • A HUD is now displayed, indicating more or less useful information during your gaming sessions
  • A loading screen now appears while loading to access the server


  • A dashcam is available on board of police vehicles
  • A megaphone is now available in police vehicles
  • Added the following new modded vehicles: Tesla Model S (staff only), Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Tahoe, Dodge Charger, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Camaro, Harley Davidson Electraglide, Chevy Express Van 3500, John Deer Gator, Ford F-450, fake police car, Vapid TARV, Police bike, Police dinghy, Defender, Cadillac “The Beast”,
  • Addition of a slightly more complete management of sirens and flashing lights
  • All vehicles now spawn in a nearby parking spot or, failing that, are brought by a AI driver to the player’s location
  • Helicopters are now equipped with camers, flashlights and radars
  • It is now possible to push a vehicle, potentially broken down for example
  • Land vehicles are now equipped with seatbelts making it dangerous not to wear them.
  • Planes and helicopters can now only be spawned from helipads and/or airports
  • Setting up a vehicle spawn menu
  • The number of vehicles that can be spawned is now limited for each player
  • Vehicle damages are now more realistics and engines are less crash resistant


  • Heavy weapons can now only be taken out rom a vehicle trunk. These can then be worn on the chest or on the back.
  • The taser can no longer kill


To discover the complete list of suggestions or bugs, and to know their state of progress, you can go to this page of the wiki.

Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio