Development Note #4 – January 2022

Police Revenge

Throughout the month of January, we mainly worked on creating places to host the game scenario. We took care of completing the park started last month, but also of creating a whole pedestrian zone with these corresponding stores.

Planning level, the creation of the map takes us much more time than expected. We don’t want to be pessimistic, but we may not be on schedule and have to postpone the game’s release for a few months. We’ll tell you more in the months to come.

Without going into more detail, here are some glimpses of what has been done this month.

Final overview of the park (by night)

Pedestrian zone in the old downtown area

Game servers

As agreed, we continued to incorporate new scripts into the FivePD server. The month of January also marks the beginning of the arrival of vehicles and interiors of buildings, all modded.

Everything continues gradually and we think we can keep our schedule about the date of the reopening of the server.

Heare are some visuals of what could be added to the server during this month of January.

Addition of a part of the final vehicles of the server

Provision of interiors of several buildings

Server ressources

In order to resolve some technical issues with the “Wearable Weapon” script, we released version 1.1 of it this month. You can freely download it again from your customer area, in our shop in order to update it.

In addition, this script has also been officially published on the CFX.RE site in order to give us more visibility.

Special event

On January 22, you got to see our first live event on our Twitch channel. If this was not the case, we take the liberty of providing you with the replay of this program below.

Since two days, the making off of this live has been available on our YouTube channel. This retraces all the preparations through whiwh we had to go to carry out this program.

Once again, thank you to all the people who made this show possible, but also to you, many of whom followed this live, via Twitch or via our replay on YouTube.

Best regards,

MadonneStudio’s Team

Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio