Development Note #3 – December 2021

Police Revenge

The month of December marked the beginning of the actual production of the video game. No more menus and other trivial pages of the same king, now let’s really talk about maps and scenarios.

If we say that, it’s of course that we have almost finished managing the menu part of the game. Whether it’s the graphics settings, the creation of a new game, etc… this whole aspect of the game has been practically finished.

Settings Menu

New Game Creation

At the level of the creation of the map now, the introduction of Police Revenge has started to be created. Here is some of the visuals that we have already been able to make.

Madonne Bay Park

Madonne Bay Park (by night)

Game servers

As announced last month, the development of game servers (FivePD for once) has indeed resumed. We therefore continued to create new scripts, correct numerous bugs and even incorporate new vehicles. For the moment, nothing new compared to the old version of the server, except in terms of vehicle management.

However, here are some visuals of what has been put in place this month.

Exemple of a situation featuring several scripts set up this month

Exemple of an other situation featuring several scripts set up this month

Implementation of Cayo Perico, in an optimized way, while adding life (NPCs, Easter Eggs)

Servers ressources

We pre-released the Wearable Weapon script a few weeks ago. This script now has a definitive product sheet and is therefore now officially published by MadonneStudio. So don’t wait any longer, come and get it in our store !

Today is January 1st. We couldn’t finish this development note without wishing you, and your loved ones, a happy new year 2022, hoping that it will bring you lots of good things.

Best regards,

MadonneStudio’s Team

Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio