Development Note #1 – October 2021

Police Revenge

The October’s month marks the real beginning of the development of the game. In the previous months, we has limited ouselves to the theoretical creation of the game : research of ideas, wrinting of the scenario, …

So we started to work on the visual aspect of the game, starting chronologically with the introduction of the game and the modeling of the first main characters.

Overview of the six created characters : the one you will play (and his wife), the Police Captain and the three recruits who can potentially work with you.

The general plan of the city in which you will evolve in Police Revenge, has also been started.

Game servers

We have also resumed the development of our FivePD server which may have been opened in the past. For the moment, we have contented ourselves with creating a simple update of existing resources, in order to optimize them and make them more customizable to be always more in our image.

Among the few new features that we have already implemented, we can notably note a big change in the level of vehicle spawn. Your company vehicles will now appear in a parking space. If you are relatively far from a pollice station, an NPC will bring your vehicle to you.

Servers ressources

This month, we were able to develop our first scripts which were made available to the public. You will onw find the first ressources “Wearable Weapon” which, as it’s name suggests, will allow you to carry your weapons on your chest or on your back, on your various FiveM servers.

Best Regards,

MadonneStudio’s Team

Dylan Pageot
CEO of MadonneStudio